Now, you no longer have to choose between a first-rate education and affordable tuition. Due to our generous donors who pay 55% of the cost, each student at The College at Mid-America pays only $10,400 per year. That’s about one fourth or less than what you’d pay at other colleges.


$330per credit hour*


$330per credit hour*


$50per course

*Students must participate in the GO! Program to qualify for this discounted rate. Students electing not to participate in the GO! Program will pay a $1,500 exemption fee per semester.

Additional Fees

  • Student fee of $250 per semester for residential and online students.
  • Late registration fee of $100 is assessed once registration has closed.
  • Returned check fee of $40 for checks returned to the Business office.
  • Returned fee of $30 for payment returned to Nelnet. See more in Catalog.
  • Nelnet payment plan fee is $25 per each semester you enroll in a payment plan.
  • Paper cut fees allowing students to wirelessly print to the Library printer—minimum of $2.
  • Paper cut fees allowing students to copy pages from books—minimum of $5.
  • Other fees may be assessed. Please check the Catalog for the latest listing.


A wide variety of scholarships are available to students who are accepted into or are making progress toward a degree.

  • For returning students, scholarships applications should be submitted for the next school year by April 1. New students for the spring semester should submit applications by November 1. To qualify for a scholarship, your cumulative GPA must be 2.5 or higher. PLEASE NOTE: Student is required to be enrolled in two or more courses each semester to qualify.

The College at Mid-America offers you a full range of academic and community enrichment scholarships. Learn more at our Financial Aid page.

Tuition Payment and Fees

Application Fees

A $35 non-refundable application fee is required with each associate, and bachelor student application for admission to the college. This fee is not applicable to tuition or other student charges.

Readmission Fees

Students seeking readmission must submit a non-refundable readmission fee of $35 at the time the application is submitted. Students who have been out more than one semester but not exceeding five years may submit the Application for Readmission; after that time the student must submit the full application.

Payment Options

Payment is considered part of registration. SONIS student accounts must be paid in full, or a Nelnet payment plan must be in place before registration ends each semester. A $100 Late Registration Fee will be assessed for those missing the deadline. This Late Registration Fee is applicable for all registration periods during your time here.

Cash or check will be accepted for full payments made to the Business Office. You may also pay your account in full through your SONIS student account using ACH, credit, or debit card. Please note your agreement with Nelnet is only valid for one semester.

Graduation Fees

Fees for graduation expenses are to be paid in the business office. The deadline will be announced by campus life each semester.

Associate Degrees—$100
Bachelor Degrees—$100

All student fees are subject to change without notice.

A more comprehensive description of all tuition and fees can be found in the Catalog.