Please complete the form below to apply for all Mid-America scholarships. The College at Mid-America scholarships are available to associate and bachelor students. Review the list of available scholarships below and check the ones for which you are qualified.

For returning students, the Mid-America Financial Aid application should be submitted for the fall semester by May 31. New students for the spring semester should submit their Mid-America Financial Aid application by November 1. They also need to apply by May 31 to receive scholarships covering the following school year. To qualify for a scholarship, your cumulative GPA must be 2.5 or higher. PLEASE NOTE: Student is required to be enrolled in two or more courses each semester to qualify.

Upon receipt of the scholarship offer, the student will be required to complete a thank you note to the scholarship’s donor. If the thank you note is not completed by the due date, the offer will be retracted, and the student will be responsible for payment of the account. Student Life will contact the student about further instructions on the scholarship thank you note.

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    Academic Excellence Scholarship—Minimum ACT score: 31Academic Leadership Scholarship—Minimum ACT score: 28Academic Achievers Scholarship—Minimum ACT score: 25Transfer ScholarshipAlumni Legacy ScholarshipDonor Church ScholarshipHomeschool ScholarshipMilitary or Public Service ScholarshipDiversity ScholarshipSBC Missions ScholarshipProfessional Development ScholarshipWomen in Leadership ScholarshipPastoral Ministry ScholarshipDual Enrollment ScholarshipGraduating Associates ScholarshipAshley Wright ScholarshipStudent Spouse Benefit ScholarshipBarbara Dalton Mashburn ScholarshipClyde King ScholarshipAnn C. Anthony Scholarship