One of the core values at The College at Mid-America is doing everything we can to ensure that students graduate free from debt and free to pursue any direction God may lead. This commitment compels us to provide not only a high-quality education academically but to make it affordable for families at all levels of financial need. Every situation is unique, so we work with individuals and families to tailor a financial aid package that puts our outstanding academic training within reach.

There are currently a wide variety of scholarships available to students who are accepted into or are making progress toward a degree. Students must maintain a GPA of 2.5 or higher while making normal progress toward a degree. PLEASE NOTE: Student is required to be enrolled in two or more courses each semester to qualify.

The College at Mid-America offers a full range of academic and community enrichment scholarships. Upon receipt of the Scholarship offer, the student will be required to complete a thank you note to the scholarship’s donor. If the thank you note is not completed by the due date, the offer will be retracted and the student will be responsible for payment of the account.

In applying for scholarship aid, recipients are expected to be good stewards of monies provided by our donors. If a scholarship recipient fails a class, they will be required to pay for the class if repeated.

Mid-America reserves the right to modify scholarship details.

  • Requirement: Minimum ACT score: 31
  • Requirement: Minimum GPA: 3.5
  • Reward: 100% off tuition
  • Renewable each semester, up to a total of eight semesters
  • Applies to all degrees