Completion Requirements

To qualify for graduation from The College at Mid-America, each student seeking the associate of divinity degree must satisfy the general requirements for graduation as set forth in the Catalog.

General Education Requirements

Each student pursuing the associate of divinity degree is required to complete a minimum of 15 semester hours of general education courses, with at least one course in each of three areas: the humanities or fine arts, the social or behavioral sciences, and the natural sciences or mathematics. The general education courses may be transferred from another postsecondary institution, or they may be completed within the required course structure of the associate of divinity degree.


Introduction to Literature (Pure Humanities) 3 hours
Contemporary Worldview 3 hours
Introduction to Christian Education 3 hours
Leadership Development 3 hours
Introduction to Biology 3 hours
General Education Goals

The goals of the general education core are to help the student acquire broad-based knowledge in the areas of:

  1. Humanities or Fine Arts: To evaluate and critique the influence of artistic techniques and expression on culture and society.
  2. Social or Behavioral Sciences: To identify and analyze data, perspectives, trends, concepts or issues pertaining to human social function and experience.
  3. Natural Sciences or Mathematics: To examine issues related to the natural sciences from an evidence-based perspective and use in applied contexts.

Required Courses for the Associate of Divinity (ADiv) Degree

Course Requirements

Each student seeking the associate of divinity degree must complete the 60 semester hours of courses specified in the Degree Audit Worksheet.