Educational Objectives of the Associate Level Degrees

In addition to Mid-America’s general educational objectives, the associate program is designed to promote growth toward personal maturity and professional ministry competence in students. The objectives of the program are accomplished through classroom instruction, the modeling of professors, the practice of ministry through the GO! Program, chapel services, and student organizations.

Foundational Studies

The associate program seeks to guide students to understand and interpret the Christian faith in light of its biblical, theological, and historical dimensions and to utilize insights gained from these disciplines for the effective practice of ministry in the church, community, and world.

Essential Skills for Ministry

The associate program seeks to guide students to understand, develop, and utilize the essential skills for ministry in the effective performance of pastoral leadership roles in the church, including (according to degree emphasis) preaching, teaching, worship leadership, pastoral leadership, personal counseling, evangelism, missions, teaching, educational leadership, age-graded ministry, and administration.

Personal Growth and Professional Development

The associate program seeks to guide students to develop lifelong patterns of continuing personal spiritual growth and professional development.