Located immediately adjacent to the main campus, Mid-America Student Housing, or The Village, as it’s called, is convenient, safe, secure, and a cut above the typical dorm-type accommodations. It’s a great place to meet new friends, study, and stay close to the campus library, gym, and other amenities. It’s also located in a great area of town, close to shopping, restaurants, and employment options.

Mid-America Student Housing (MASH) is located at 1975 E. Beaman Circle. The community building plus 144 apartments, one playground, and a multi-purpose recreational field make up MASH. Arrangements for housing are made through Mid-America’s Campus Life office. Rent for unfurnished apartments ranges from $566 to $750 monthly. Campus Life can assist students in locating other housing as well. Payment for apartments and furnished rooms is separate from and not included in tuition. Monthly payments may be made by check or automatic deposit, payable to MASH. Please consult the Student Supplement and Housing Handbook to learn more about MASH.


The apartments can be rented by one or more associate, master, or doctoral level students at the rates shown below. Furniture and utilities are not included; however, single students have freedom to choose other single roommates to live with. Washer and dryers are included, as well as a refrigerator, dishwasher, disposal. The apartments are zoned for Shelby County Schools, which consist of Dexter Elementary, Dexter Middle, and Bartlett High. There are also many private Christian schools in the area, and an active homeschool network.


  • $612/month – 1 bedroom, bath, kitchen – Floor Plan
  • $716/month – 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, kitchen – Floor Plan
  • $800/month – 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, kitchen – Floor Plan

Furnished Rooms (Bachelor-level students)

MASH also offers room rates for undergraduate housing. These rooms are required for bachelor students until they have: 1) completed at least 60 credit hours (including transfer credits); 2) are age 25 or older; or 3) are married. These apartments include furniture and utilities. Roommates will be assigned. Washer and dryers are included, as well as a refrigerator, dishwasher, and disposal. The single room consists of a personal room and a shared bathroom. The master room consists of a personal room and a personal bathroom. Dorm rooms will not house more than three students at a time. Renting a dorm room consists of a 10-month lease (August–May).


  • $372/month – single bedroom, shared bath
  • $392/month – master bedroom, private bath

Commuter Units

MASH has one unit devoted to offering short-term housing for PhD or DMIN students, prospective students, guests of the seminary, and visiting faculty. Please contact the office of Campus Life for details on rates and availability by e-mailing campuslife@mabts.edu.

Student Housing Application

Fill out the Student Housing Application. Please note that this particular application is for current or prospective students, only. All other inquiries should be directed to the Campus Life office.

For more information, contact the Mid-America Campus Life office at 901-751-3079 or campuslife@mabts.edu.