Life in Memphis has a special flavor. Memphis is recognized worldwide for Graceland, the blues, the Civil Rights movement, and, of course, Memphis-style ribs. There is no shortage of entertainment in the city, which is home to professional basketball and baseball teams and the University of Memphis Tigers, not to mention an active, world-famous music scene. With an extensive park system, including Shelby Farms, the second largest urban county park in the United States, an award-winning zoo, and numerous museums, Memphis boasts plenty of family-friendly activities.

Beyond Memphis’ icons and attractions, the city is soaked in a rich history of growth, struggle, and rebuilding. Memphis is one of the nation’s leading cities with house sites on the National Register of Historic Places. The museums, tours, and landmarks throughout the city offer insights into a past as diverse and colorful as the people who live here. Memphis’ diversity gives the city great character and ensures fascinating entertainment. From festivals to music to restaurants, Memphians celebrate the world beyond the city year-round.

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